Revenge of the Hooded Claw, by Colin Garrow

In December 2018, Folla Fiction Publishing had the pleasure of proofreading Colin Garrow’s The Watson Letters Volume 4: Revenge of the Hooded Claw. They were very pleased with the result.

Revenge of the Hooded Claw Mockup.png“Folla Fiction Publishing checked the manuscript for my recent spoof Sherlock Holmes novel, ‘The Watson Letters Volume 4: Revenge of the Hooded Claw.’ The book had already been proofed, so I was amazed at how many additional errors and formatting issues they highlighted. This allowed me to produce a more professional version for which I am eternally grateful. It’s also worth noting their pricing structure is highly competitive – especially to indie authors, who need professional services but often don’t have huge wodges of cash to fling around. Many thanks.”

 ~ Colin Garrow ~