The Ghost Bandits, by Clayton Morgan

In March 2019, FFP worked closely with Clayton Morgan on his 4th novel in the ‘Chronicles of James McConley’ series. As this review shows, Mr. Morgan was very happy with our services.

The Ghost Bandits, by Clayton Morgan

“Folla Fiction Publishing provided the most comprehensive proofreading service I have ever experienced. I was astounded at the errors they found, and surprised by how informative they were, but I was blown away by the close one-on-one service. I felt as though someone else actually cared about my book, and that’s something I haven’t found with other proofreaders. Not only is my latest book, The Ghost Bandits, ready for publishing, but I learned a bit from the experience as well. You can try, but you won’t beat the 5-star service provided by Folla Fiction Publishing.”

~ Clayton Morgan ~