In addition to proofreading, we offer Proof-Editing. Next to the usual proofreading correction suggestions, we will also comment on editing issues such as text that is superfluous, has the wrong word choice, or is inconsistent with other text and whether there are any plot holes in a novellete/novella/novel.


A free (online) sample of two A4-sized pages will be provided. When you agree with the standard of work done, a final quotation will be given upon receipt of the entire manuscript. Quotes will be valid for one month only, from the day of quotation.

The cost of proofreading is $7.50–$15.00/1000 words, rounded to the nearest 500 words and depending on the level of corrections the text needs. The minimum fee is $40.

Express proof-editing within three days is possible and will cost $15.00/1000 words.


After the writer agrees to the quotation and a mutually convenient time frame is agreed, payment for proofreading the entire manuscript is due in advance. Proof-editing will commence upon receipt of payment.

Payment can be done through PayPal or credit card (through PayPal). Payment in a currency other than US$ will be converted using the exchange rate on the day of invoicing.

Please contact us for more information.